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The family research

The information presented on this website has been collected and organized by a number of people.

The first, and most important, of them is the late Arie Ruijmgaart (1925-1997), whose mother was Egelina Janna Pieternella Grandia (Hillegersberg 1902 - Rotterdam 1975). He did most of the original research on the early history of the Grandia family in the Netherlands.

The data collected by mr. Ruijmgaart came to me by way of Michael Reinier Charles Grandia of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Mike contacted me by E-mail in October 1999 and sent me a genealogy report. Since "my" branch of the family did not appear in this report, I joined in the ongoing research and succeeded in linking up my section of our family tree with the material I received from America.

Mike also extended the family research to Spain. Since the Spanish telephone directory went on-line, it became quite easy to locate members of the Grandia family in Spain. Most of them live in Catalonia, where the name apparently originated. A standard letter, containing a brief resume of the family research in the Netherlands and the U.S., has been sent to some of the Spanish Grandia's. There have been a number of reactions to this request for information, but so far the link between the present-day Catalan Grandia's and our ancestor Geraldo has not yet been established.

A large quantity of material regarding, among others, the Haarlem branch of the family has been contributed by Ank and Joop van der Glas-Grandia from Gouda.

I have been busy myself filling in a number of the gaps still remaining in the family tree. Ongoing research is on the Grandia's in the Bommelerwaard.

Since the website went up, a number of people have reacted and provided information on their ancestors and relatives. I would like to mention Lenie Grandia of Barendrecht, Piet Grandia of Ridderkerk and Vincent Grandia, who is descended from the Gameren branch of the family. I am greatly indebted to everyone who has taken the trouble to contribute to our family research - it couldn't have been done without you. Keep up the good work, folks!